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Book a meeting room, private day office or a co-working office

All our team members would get a log in access through our master business account with Regus.com 

1. In the Calendar’ tab you will be able to book your next meeting room, day office or training room.

2. Select the centre you wish to book from your search results.

3. Select Book A Room’ to book a room online

4. Use the ‘Book’ menu to select the type of room you need, add the date and time, plus number of people.

5. Check ‘Calendar’ to see more details of the centre’s available rooms to match your requirement,  the room allocated maybe larger due to no smaller rooms available

6. Once the time is selected you can use the Add Services & Amenities’ to order coffee/tea or upgrade your room.

7. Save time by booking the dates needed by adding up to ten additional time slots