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Virtual Real Estate Brokerage is the future of real estate industry and we’re leading the way there!



A virtual brokerage is a real estate brokerage without a physical office support. The virtual brokerage can offer the same capacity as the brick and mortar business. For example, it offers training and support for agents online. In addition, it can provide marketing support. It can also take care of transaction management, as well as the storage and signing of  deal documents. It is just a tech-driven platform used by agents. The software enables the agents to do their jobs more efficiently.


In the traditional Brokerages, average agent hands over 25% or more of their hard-earned money in exchange of the office support. As a cloud based virtual real estate brokerage, not only do we offer better support, coaching, benefits, features but FLAT FEE 100% COMMISSION . An agent on this plan will receive 100% of their commissions per transaction, minus the $495 transaction fee. With so much more income retained in the agents' pockets, they can generally afford home offices, shared executive suites or nicer private offices if need be. Additionally, we have taken all of these imaginable tools (low-tech and high-tech) out of the physical office and put them in our one-of-a-kind Agent Online  (Virtual) Backoffice  which is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

*  We don't possess the many add-on or junk fees many other brokerages charges . We make it simple, everything is inclusive


No, most agents already have a home office anyway. The biggest misconception is that some agents feel if they work from home full-time that they will lose their office support. This is truly a misconception. Believe it or not, we offer better support than a traditional office, we just do it by phone, email, text, and webinars.


Our Head office is always open for your client meetings during business hours! 

Need an office near your home? You have an option to rent a virtual office with InstantOffices as low as $30 a month!

A virtual office offers you all the advantages of an executive suite, without the need to pay for it full time.

Benefits include:
  • A prestigious business address in a prime location, A full post, parcel and fax service - including forwarding options, A dedicated telephone number, professionally answered in your office name, with options for call forwarding or personalized voicemail,Access to high quality meeting rooms! 
  • Search your virtual or full executive office with InstantOffices  in TORONTO, BRAMPTON, MISSISSAUGA, VAUGHAN, RICHMOND HILL, OAKVILLE, BURLINGTON, MARKHAM, WATERLOO, HAMILTON & other places.


Obviously, a virtual brokerage has many benefits. Because there is no physical location (other than Head Office), a brokerage saves on utilities, purchasing cost, office space, licenses, and much more. Then, the brokerage can pass many of these cost savings down to the Agents. Additionally, the agents can quickly access the platform 24/7, without having to come to the office. Moreover, the transactions are more secure, with fewer fees. This is the future environment of the Real Estate industry.

FREE Transaction Coordinator: Our Free paperless transaction coordinator is changing the way our agents do business. Create a transaction, upload documents into it and you are finished! It is that easy. One of its many features allows an agent to forward documents directly into a transaction through their smartphone.

• FREE Webpage w/ IDX Home Search: Every agent receives a customizable Free agent website that comes standard with a Free IDX home search so users can search for properties. Our websites are dedicated to an individual agent and enable you I to showcase yourself in a stunningly professional light.

• FREE New Agent Training & Coaching: We offer FREE new agent training that will give you an in-depth knowledge of the four basic principles that govern all real estate success. We also have many years of combined training company wide and we offer this to all our agents. Let us help you raise your production and get you to the closing table quicker.

FREE e-Signature Solutions: We offer a great free product for your e-Signature solutions. Tired of all the paperwork that needs to be emailed, scanned, faxed and signed? Now you can bring all the people who need to sign your documents into  your transactions.

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